How to teach your Beaglier to stay

Training your Beaglier to stay

Training a Beaglier to stay has many of the same benefits as teaching them to sit. You gain an element of control over the dog that can be very useful, especially in social situations where you want the animal to stay in one place and not jump up on your visitors. This is similar to teaching a dog to sit, because if he is sitting he must be staying in one place. The command is nevertheless more specific to unique situations and it is another fairly easy command to teach a dog. If you are carrying something heavy or you open a door to the outside but you want him to stay the command can be quite useful. In fact, there are many various situations in which having a dog Beaglier that knows how to stay can come in handy. If you are wrapping presents, fixing a leak under the sink, or doing any other task and you need your pet to be still, it is good to be able to simply tell your dog to “stay.”

Teaching your Beaglier to stay will likely take some time, energy, and effort. Every dog is different, so it may take some longer than others to catch on to what you are asking from them. If you are patient and persistent, however, then you are bound to have positive outcomes.

Black and Tan Beaglier stay

Making training easier for you and your Beaglier

When teaching your Beaglier, consider the environment and the mood you and your dog are in. These factors may all influence how well the training process goes. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, tired, or otherwise in a poor temperament, don’t train your dog. If, on the other hand, you are feeling fresh and prepared to take on the task—however challenging it may be—then you should be ready to tackle the project. It takes both energy and patience in order to train an animal, and without these you may find yourself too exhausted to finish the training session or too irritable to be patient. Try to be a good teacher for your Beaglier and make it a nurturing and fun experience for you both. With the right attitude it can be a great way to bond and form trust.

Check the mood of your Beaglier

It is also important for you to be aware of how your Beaglier is feeling. If they are being exposed to a lot of outside stimulation, or they are distracted for some reason, it probably won’t be a very productive training session. Also understand that they function best through shorter lessons. If you push them too hard for too long they may lose interest or become tired or confused, but giving them a break gives them the opportunity to freshen up and start over. Also try to find a private area that is quiet and closed off from potential distractions, as this is the best way to be productive. Try having a couple of short, five-minute sessions on a daily basis for a week or two and your Beaglier should have the command down pretty well.

When training Beagliers it is always best to use positive reinforcement. Avoid scolding the dog or otherwise punishing him, as this may discourage or confuse him and lead to slower progress. Make sure that you know what rewards your dog likes so he will be motivated to learn. You can use a favorite treat or even dog toys.

Tan and White Beaglier puppy stay

Steps to teach your Beaglier to stay

Before you can teach a Beaglier to stay you must usually teach them to sit or lie down. This is generally the starting position to go from. It might be a good idea to train your dog from one specific location when training him to stay, such as from a mat or dog bed. Guide him onto the mat by tossing a treat, and then away from the mat by tossing a treat. Tell your pet to go to the bed or mat by indicating with your hand, making it appear like you tossed a treat, but don’t actually do so. Your Beaglier will likely look at the mat and see that you have not actually thrown a treat, and this is the point at which you do so. This helps him to understand that he will get a reward even if it is not immediate. Do this repeatedly until your dog gets the pattern down.

Eventually the dog should go to the mat on its own before you toss the treat there, and at this point be sure to praise him enthusiastically. Walk over to the mat, instead of tossing it, and give it to your Beaglier by hand. After you do this a few times tell your dog to go to their spot, lie down or sit, and then tell them to stay and move a short distance away. Mentally count up to ten, give him the treat and praise him, and then say “okay” to let your dog know they can now move from the spot. Repeat this last phase, gradually increasing distance, time, and distractions. This will take a period of days.

Teaching stay a different way

You do not have to train your Beaglier by using the very first steps in the above tactic—you don’t have to pick one spot such as a mat and teach your dog to go back and forth by tossing the treat. This may be easier for some people, but you can also just jump into teaching him to stay. Simply tell him to sit or lie down, then put your hands out in front of you, palms in the dog’s face, and say emphatically to “stay.” You may repeat the word. Take a couple of steps back, wait a few seconds, and then say “yes!” and praise and reward him. Again, gradually increase distance, time, and distractions and wean him off of treats as you go along. Only give him the treat if he has stayed in the same position. If you give it to him after he has moved it will send a confusing message to the dog. Use a limited vocabulary so as not to overwhelm or confuse him.